Team Alignment

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other. – Simon Sinek.

So-called “Management Teams” are in many cases simply a collection of individuals, coordinating their individual efforts – but not working in alignment and collaboration to execute the organization’s mission and strategy.

What is the level of trust and alignment in your team? What are the gaps in values and behaviors amongst your team members, and how does this affect the performance and, in the end, business results?

As human beings, we are motivated by having a purpose, to find meaning in what we do. To succeed as a leader, you must find the common purpose and universal values of you team.

To have shared values in a team will:

  • create better cooperation and alignment of people towards a common goal
  • help to focus attention on the right issues
  • create greater value for all the stakeholders

Are you confident that the values important to you are also held high by everyone in the team? Do you know what are the most deeply held values of your team members?

The starting point to create team alignment is to find out what is and what is not working. We leverage Barrett’s Leadership Team Values Assessment (LTVA) to provide you with an overview of what drives your leaders, how they work together, and what they want to build on or develop for the future.

Through a facilitated process, leveraging individual and team reports, you will:

  • learn whether your team is working to its highest potential
  • discovr the inherent strengths of the team members, how they experience the team culture now, and how they would like to improve it for tomorrow
  • learn what factors are limiting the performance of the team and preventing it from reaching its full potential
  • explore the values from a strategic perspective to help the team develop their plan for the future

In order to have a high performing team, there must be a high level of trust in the group. Trust increases the speed at which the group is able to accomplish tasks and takes the bureaucracy out of communication. – Richard Barrett