Organizational Performance

“Think about the last time you worked in an organisation where there was excitement in the air; where you felt the organisation cared about your growth and development; where everything possible was done to enhance the customer experience; and where everyone was pulling in the same direction. Most certainly, that was a high performing organisation.” – Richard Barrett

Most leaders are familiar with the saying “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, but many leaders don’t know how to manage culture across the organization.

According to a Deloitte survey from 2016*, CEOs and HR leaders increasingly recognize that culture drives people’s behavior, innovation and customer service: 82% of Deloitte’s survey respondents believe that “culture is a potential competitive advantage”.  Against this backdrop, we believe that developing organizational culture is something that more leaders will want to manage more closely moving forward.

Organizational culture is often described as “the way we do things around here…”.  However, organizations are made up of people – and people are driven by their values. As simple as that.

“Organizations don’t transform. People do.” – Richard Barrett 

The challenge is how to convert the ‘soft’ elements of values and culture into something we can measure and manage.  Richard Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools ® (CTT) provide a surprisingly simple, yet effective set of tools for doing just that.

Do you know what your employees value?  Knowing what brings meaning to their lives and makes them happy can help you unlock the key to creating a high performing organization that delivers results.

Starting with Barrett’s Cultural Values Assessment ® we can help you as leader:

  • make the invisible visible (the CVA provides data across the organization)
  • develop your desired culture based on collective top values
  • address Cultural Entropy ® from any potentially limiting values
  • create a concrete action plan (what you can measure you can manage)
  • build a high performing organization that delivers results

To be successful in developing your desired culture will require a whole system approach to organizational development – and the investment will pay off:  Organizations that get their cultural transformation right achieve up to 4x the financial returns compared to S&P500.

“Three-year total returns to shareholders are significantly higher at companies with high trust levels, clear linkage between jobs and objectives, and employees who believe the company manages change well.”Watson Wyatt

* Global Human Capital Trends 2016