Leadership Development

“Who you are as a leader—the values you embrace, and the beliefs you hold— is automatically transmitted to the group you are responsible for through your words, behaviours and actions.” -Richard Barrett

All leaders have a profound impact on their teams and organizations – whether by design or by default.  When leaders take a values-based approach and lead with an inspiring vision and clear values, they are able to create high performing teams with a culture that supports execution of the mission and strategy.

We build our approach on the combination of broad, international leadership experience and a proven methodology for values-based leadership development. This is not traditional “performance coaching”, but rather a transformational approach that takes you on a journey of increasing self-awareness, greater impact and improved results.

Do you know what your deepest held beliefs and values are?  Knowing how the values you exhibit and the beliefs you hold impact the people around you is a powerful tool in taking your leadership to the next level.  We help you:

  • Gain clarity on your most important values and associated behaviors
  • Get 360 degree feedback on how others experience your leadership
  • Chart a values-aligned path to grow your leadership capability
  • Create a personal action plan to evolve your leadership and get results
  • Get the support you need in staying on track with your development

We leverage Barrett’s Leadership Values Assessment (LVA) and the Leadership Development Report  (LDR), a 360 degree feedback instrument to uncover your blind spots and provide feedback on your strengths as well as what you need to do to grow and develop.  For maximum effect, you may want to consider the Leadership Evolution Report (LER) that helps confirm your development and guide your continued focus on evolving in your leadership role over time

All leadership starts with self-awareness.  Authentic leadership can only be developed “inside – out”.  When you commit to evolving, results will follow. -Nina Gullerud