The Values-Driven Organization

You´re probably familiar with the expression “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. But, how to do something about it?

About the book

This book gives not only insights into values-based leadership and how it enhances organizational performance. It also provides concrete tools and techniques for how to get there.

This combination makes it a powerful tool for anyone eager to expand their thinking – and practice – of values-based leadership.

Why we like it

We like “The Values-Driven Organization” because it:

  • explains the direct link between employee engagement and business results
  • gives access to concrete tools and techniques such as model for whole system change, mapping leadership values, six modes of decision making, and practices for embedding the culture – to mention some
  • is based on profound research and packed with references. Barrett uses strong case studies to explain and highlight his thinking
  • is easy to read, with a clear and precise language and lots of diagrams and figures. Each chapter ends with a conclusion and summary of key points

The strongest asset of this book is perhaps the combination of profound and precise conceptual thinking, and a strong tool-kit for implementation of cultural change.

“The Values-Driven Organization” addresses anyone who needs a framework of tools and clear thinking on how to manage the soft concept of culture.

Title: Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose

Author: Raj Sisodia – Jag Sheth – David B. Wolfe